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Benefits From The Prophet’s ﷺ Advice To Fāṭimah bint Qays Regarding Marriage by Shaykh Ṣalāh Kantūsh al-Adanī

Product Description

Name of Speaker: Shaykh Ṣalah Kantūsh al-ʿAdānī للشيخ صلاح كنتوش العدني 

Country of Speaker: Yemen اليمن

Category: Women النساء

Date: 19th Dhu al-Qaʿdah, 1441 AH (29th August, 2020 CE)  العاشر من محرم ١٤٤٢

Points Covered by The Shaykh:

  • A Detailed Explanation of The Ḥadīth of The Prophet’s Advice To Fāṭimah Bint Qays Regarding Marriage
  • The Virtues of Fāṭimah Bint Qays
  • The Categories of Divorce Within The Sharī’ah
  • A Detailed Explanation of The Different Types of Divorce Within The Sharī’ah
  • The Permissiblity of Divorce Taking Place Without Both Parties Present
  • A Detailed Explanation Regarding Where The Divorced Woman Should Spend Her ‘Iddah
  • The Permissiblity of A Woman Asking Advice From A Trustworthy Person Concerning Marriage
  • A Detailed Explanation Concerning Two Men Asking A Woman For Marriage At The Same Time
  • The Permissible Circumstances of Mentioning The Bad Traits of A Person
  • The Prophet’s Encouragement For Marriage
  • The Results For Fāṭimah Bint Qays When Accepting The Advice & The Choice of Spouse From The Prophet

Download / Listen [55:23 mins] | [تحميل / استماع [٥٥:٢٣ دقيقة

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