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Contemplations From Surah Yusuf by Shaykh 'AbdulHakeem Dahhaas

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh 'AbdulḤakeem Dahhaas الشيخ عبد الحكيم دهاس

Country of Speaker: Algeria الجزائر

Category:  'Manhaj منهج

Date: 18th Safar (28th October, 2018) الثامن عشر من سفر 1440

Download / Listen [87:21 mins] | [تحميل / استماع [٨٧:٢١ دقيقة

Points Covered:

  • Explanation of Sūrah Yūsuf Being The Healer For All Types of Sadness, Grief & Hardships
  • Books Written Regarding The Benefits of Sūrah Yūsuf
  • Benefits From Sūrah Yūsuf
  • Virtues of Prophet Yūsuf
  • Virtues of Prophet Ya’qūb
  • The Characteristics of Ya’qūb
  • The Characteristics of Yūsuf
  • Benefits of Being Patient
  • The Beautiful Outcomes of Patience
  • Explanation of Prophet Ya’qūb’s Patience
  • Explanation & Proof of Prophet Muḥammad's  Prophethood & Messengership
  • The Means To Keep Away From Evil
  • The Importance On Giving Advice To The Evil Doers
  • The Recommendation To Keep One’s Important Matters A Secret
  • Explanation of The Contemplation of Allāh’s Blessings
  • The Praiseworthiness of Being Optimistic
  • The Blameworthiness of Being Pessimistic
  • Explanation of Not Expressing One’s Fear To Others
  • Allāh’s Blessings Given To Certain People To Interpret Dreams
  • The Importance Upon The Fathers To Educate Their Children Upon The Correct Belief & Methodology
  • The Importance Upon The Father’s To Establish Fear of Allāh In The Hearts of Their Children
  • The Characteristics of The True Believer
  • How Children Learn From Their Parents
  • Explanation of Asking Allāh For One’s Needs
  • Explanation of Not Losing Hope In Allāh
  • The Mercy of Allāh
  • The Three Categories of Trust In Allāh

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