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Dispelling The Darkness of Jabahat an-Nusra & ISIS by Shaykh Muhammad Ramzaan al-Haajiree

Product Description

The following eBook was transcribed from a tele-lecture delivered by ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ramzaan al-Haajiree (حفظه الله), which was hosted by Muwahhideen Publications in conjunction with Islam.tt and Imam-Malik.net on 18th September 2014 entitled, "Dispelling The Darkness of Jabahat an-Nusra and ISIS." This insightful lecture was part of a Three-Day Webinar with The People of Knowledge entitled, “Extinguishing The Flames of War of The Deviant Sect ISIS”

~ An excerpt taken from the eBook ~

So we have Jabhat-un-Nusrah in Shaam and unexpectedly, they separated themselves from al-Qaa’idah and likewise, DAA’ISH also separated from al-Qaa’idahJabhat-un-Nusrah (then) splintered off from DAA’ISH. The mother is al-Qaa’idah and the daughters are DAA’ISH and Jabhat-un-Nusrah. Their ‘Aqeedah is one: revolting against the rulers, making takfeer of the rulers, disregarding or nullifying the allegiance to the Muslim rulers and distancing themselves from the general population of the Muslims. [According to the Arabic proverb] “How similar tonight is to yesterday.”

How similar the Khawaarij of today are to those of old who revolted against the Sahaabah.They made takfeer of ‘Ali (عنهرضي اللّه), nullified their allegiance to him and isolated themselves from the general population of the Muslims. They went to an area called Haroorah and due to this they were named al-Harooriyyah.


DownloadDispelling The Darkness of Jabahat an-Nusra and ISIS by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ramzaan al-Haajiree

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