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Explanation of The Book by Ibn Taymiyyah, "Matters That Aid Patience Upon The Harm of Others Upon You" by Abu Idrees

Product Description

Speaker: Abu Idrees Muhammad ibn Aslam Khan

Country of Speaker: United Kingdom

Category: Aqeedah

Download / Listen - Lesson # 01 - 29.03.2018

  • Introduction On Patience
  • The Means of Remaining Patient
  • The Importance On Remaining Patient 
  • Statements of The Salaf Regarding Patience 
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Patience
  • The Blessings of Remaining Patient
  • The Virtues & Strengths of Patience 
  • Weapons To Protect Oneself From The Harms of The People 
  • The Tremendous Virtues of Patience
  • The Means Towards Dealing With The Harms of The People
  • Importance Of Returning To Allāh 
  • Importance Of Reflecting Upon Ones Sins
  • The Two First Points of The Book:
    • First: When Harm Touches A Servant ,The Servant Bears Witness That Allāh Is The Creator of All Things Including The Actions of The Servants Who Did Him A Wrong. Also Acknowledging He Is All Aware. Such that When Harms Touches The Servant He Accepts and Acknowledges That The All Mighty Allowed It To Occurred.
    • Second: To Check Ones Own Self After The Harms Have Occurred Which Results One To Rectify Himself With Seeking Forgiveness And Returning With Repentance To His Lord.

 Download / Listen - Lesson # 02 - 30.03.2018

  • Advise On Seeking Knowledge
  • Statements From The Salaf Regarding Seeking Knowledge
  • Importance of Seeking Knowledge
  • Three Types Of People From Mankind
  • Tremendous Rewards From Allāh Regarding The One Who Pardon , Forgives And Remains Patient
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Forgiveness
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Achieving Tremendous Rewards From Allāh
  • The Means To Achieve A Heart Free From Hatred
  • The Means For Reconciliation
  • The Rewards For Being Patient
  • The Rewards For Forgiving The Oppressor
  • The Means To Achieve Honour Within Oneself
  • The Means to Achieve Honour With Allāh
  • How To Maintain Forgiveness Regarding The Rights Of Allāh
  • The Next Four Points of The Book:
    • Third: The Tremendous Reward Allāh Has Promised For Those That Pardon And Remain Patient.
    • Fourth : When The Salve Shows Forgiveness He Inherits A Sound Heart Along With Sweetness For Himself And A Sound Heart Along With Sweetness For His Brothers In Which He Would Be Free From Seeking Revenge. Which Leads One To Achieve Multiple Rewards.
    • Fifth: Whoever Takes Revenge Purely For Himself Would Inherit Humiliation For Himself. Whereas, The One Who Pardons Would Achieve Honour From Allāh.
    • Sixth: The Reward is Dependent Upon The Actions. Such As, Good With Good and Bad With Bad. However, Whoever Forgives Then Allāh Would Also Show Forgiveness. 

 Download / Listen - Lesson # 03 - 31.03.2018

  • The Means On How To Achieve A Restful Heart
  • The Means of A Sound Soul
  • The Blameworthiness On Seeking Revenge
  • The Great Outcomes For Not Taking Revenge
  • Tremendous Examples From The Sunnah For Not Taking Revenge
  • How To Achieve Steadfastness
  • How To Persevere One’s Time
  • How To Benefit From One’s Life
  • How To Strive In The Path of Allāh
  • The Great Outcome For Pardoning & Forgiving
  • The Praiseworthiness With Busying Oneself With Righteous Actions
  • Three Types of Harm That Reaches A Salve
  • How To Achieve The Love, Pleasure & Aid of Allāh
  • How To Achieve Allāh’s Aid In Removing Difficulties & Harm
  • The Importance In Having Trust In Allāh
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah In Regards To Being Patient & Thankful
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding The Love of Allāh
  • How To Aid One Own Soul
  • The Next Seven Points of The Book
    • Seventh: One Should Know That If He Spends His Time Seeking Revenge, Vulnerable Time Would Be Lost & His Heart Would Be Torn. Thereafter, He Would Lose Much Benefit. However, If He Pardons & Forgives His Heart & Body Becomes Free To Do That Which Is Beneficial For Him. And Him, Doing These Beneficial Things Are Better Than Taking Revenge.
    • Eighth: Taking Revenge & Wanting To Help His Own Soul. The Person Should Reflect ,The Messenger Never Took Revenge For Something Related To Himself. And The Messenger Was The Best & The Most Noble of Creation & He Didn’t Take Revenge. Bearing In Mind The Much Harm & Difficulties He Faced While Calling To The Path of Allāh.
    • Ninth: If An Individual Is Harmed By Carrying Out Actions For Allāh Or By Following An Command, Allāh Has Commanded Or By Staying Away From Ḥarām. It Is Obligatory For Him To Be Patient & Not To Take Revenge. As This Was Due To Fact The Person Was On The Path of Allāh. And Anyone That Is Harmed On The Path of Allāh Then His Reward Is With Allāh. This Is Known Throughout The Qur’ān & Sunnah.
    • Tenth: If The Salve Being Affected Remains Patient, He Would Have The Aid, Love & Pleasure of Allāh. And Whomsoever Allāh Is With, Then Allāh Is Able To Remove,Rebel Harm & Difficulties From You That No one From The Creation Can.
    • Eleventh: Patience Is One Half of Īmān. So One Should Not Utilise That Part of Faith To Seek Revenge. Rather, If He Remains Patient He Safeguards His Faith From Decreasing.
    • Twelfth: One Should Witness That Him Showing Patience Is An Judgement From Himself Over His Soul And Him Dominating, OverPowering His Soul. And When The Soul Is Dominated, Conquered & Subdued Then The Soul Can Not Enslave Him & It Would Not Be Able To Lead Him To Destruction. However, If He listens To His Soul & Obeys It, & Allows His Soul To Subdue Him Then He Would Be Destroyed. So, Being Patient Allows Him To Control His Soul. So, Authority Returns Back To His Heart & The Soldiers (limbs) Would Follow Him & Be Firm & Rebel The Enemy.
    • Thirteenth: To Know When A Person Exercises & Has Patience Then His Aid With Allāh Is Guaranteed. For, Indeed Allāh Is The Protector of Those That Are Patient And He Leaves His Oppressor To Allāh To Deal With Him. On The Other Hand, When You Seek Revenge For Yourself, You’re Alone & You Don’t Have The Aid of Allāh. So, What is Better, That Allāh Aids You & He is The Best of Aiders Or One Aids Himself & He Is The Least & Weak of Aiders’

Download / Listen - Lesson # 04 - 01.04.2018

  • The Means On Staying Patient With The Oppressor
  • The Importance of Pardoning & Forgiving
  • The Great Outcomes For Pardoning & Forgiving
  • The Great Outcomes For Being Patient
  • The Tremendous Outcomes For The Oppressed & The Oppressor
  • How An Oppressor Becomes A Friend
  • How To Save Oneself From Taking Revenge
  • The Blameworthiness of Taking Revenge
  • Principles To Prevent Bloodshed
  • The Means To Prevent Oneself From Greater Harms
  • Dangers of Going Over The Limits Set In Shariah
  • How One Can Save Himself From Being An Oppressor
  • How To Earn Allāh’s Love
  • The Threats of Not Receiving Allāh’s Love
  • Means For Guaranteeing Ones Sins To Be Expiated
  • Means For Guaranteeing One To Be Raised In Ranks
  • The Beauty of Knowledge & Action Upon It
  • The Reward Is Dependent Upon The Actions
  • The Means For Happiness & Success
  • The Last Seven Points of The Book:
    • Fourteenth: When He Remains Patient On The Harms of Others Then This Patience Itself Would Cause The Oppressor To Return Back From His Oppression. This Is The Meaning of Allāh’s Statement ‘Repel (the evil) with one which is better, then verily! He, between whom and you there was enmity, (will become) as though he was a close friend’. But none is granted it (the above quality) expect those who are patient’ (Sūrah al Furqān 41:34-35)
    • Fifteen: By An Individual Taking Revenge & Showing Vengeance This Would Be A Reason To Increase Conformation Amongst You. And To Increase The Evil. It Would Increase Your Time of Plotting. However, If He Pardons He Is Safe From This Harm. How Many Fell By Taking Revenge & Were Met By Exchange of Evil & They Were Not Able To Repel It. And How Many Loss Their Position, Rank & Wealth Due To This. But, If They Forgave The Oppressor Then They Would Have Maintained Their Rank,Position & Even Their Wealth’  
    • Sixteen: The One Who Becomes A Costumed In Taking Revenge & He Does Not Remain Patient Then He Would Definitely Fall Into Oppression. A Person Would Not Limit Himself To The Limits of Justice. Perhaps, He May Not Be Able To Remain Just. So, If He Becomes Angry He Transgresses The Limits & He No Longer Is Able To Control What He is Saying & Doing. Bearing In Mind, He Was The One That Was Oppressed. And What Awaits Him After That Expect Punishment’.
    • Seventeen: This Harm That Reaches Him From Others Can Possibly Be of Two Things. Either, It Is An Expiation of His Sins. Or, It Is An Raising of His Ranks. But, If He Seeks Revenge, This Is No Longer Applicable To Him of Raising of Ranks & Expiation of Sins.
    • Eighteenth : His Pardoning & His Patience Is From His Greatest Armies & Soldiers Against His Opponents. Because Your Patience & Pardoning It Necessities Your Enemy Becomes Humiliated. It Would Cause Your Enemy To Fear You, In Return He Would Also Fear The People. As When The People See Him Doing Wrong The People Would Dislike Him. Even Though, He May Remain Quiet The People Would Not Remain Quiet. But, If You Take Revenge You Would Lose All This.
    • Nineteenth: If You Pardon, You Would Have Not Allowed Coming Down To The Level of The Disputer. But, If You Don’t (Pardon & Forgive) You Are Upon His Level. His Enemy Would Feel That His Harming Is Above Him In Level. He Would Be Forced To Acknowledge This. Just The Mere Fact, You’re Not Coming Down To His Level It Brings You Honour & You Keep Your Honour. And For That Reason, You Pardon & You Don’t Come Down To His Level’
    • Twentieth: By Pardoning & Forgiving This Is Refereed To A Good Deed. And In Return, This Good Deed Would Give Birth To A Good Deed & That Good Deed Would Give Birth To Another Good Deed. For Indeed, The Reward For Good Is Good & Recompose For An Evil Action Is An Evil. Perhaps, This May Be The Reason For His Success & Constant Happiness. However, If He Takes Revenge All of This May Be Removed ‘

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