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Question and Answer Session - August 27th 2015 with Ash-Shaykh Hasan ibn 'AbdulWahhab al-Banna

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The following were the questions posed to Ash Shaykh Al 'Allāmah Al Wālid Hassan Bin 'Abdil-Wahāb Marzūq Al Banna (hafidhahullah) on 27th August, 2015:

Q1. Do we understand from the Hadīth: what a lot of something may makes a person drunk, then a little of it is haram, that some of the refreshments that exists in the non-muslim countries e.g. non-alcoholic beer, that may contain very little alcohol, that it is prohibited, knowing that a person may drink his full of it without getting drunk? Or if you drink too much of it then it will make you drunk then it is therefore haram?

Q2. Does a Muslim by voting in a democratic land, in a land of disbelief, commit an act that is merely prohibited or is it a form of minor shirk or major shirk?

Q3. Is it permissible to use medical alcohol to clear wounds? And what is the ruling regarding health products like underarm products that may contain alcohol?

Q4. If someone is usually consistent upon the Sunnah (i.e. the Sunnah prayers) but they are overcome with sleep, should they perform some light rakāt (units of prayer) after the obligatory prayers or go to sleep? Bearing in mind that time to perform the prayer would have elapsed by the time they woke up?

Q5. Is it natural for a believer to constantly be occupied with thoughts/whisperings of death to a point where it paralyzes him from living and performing worship. How is he supposed to deal with thoughts like that?

Q6. Does the homosexual man take the same ruling as the non mahram man, for example can a woman uncover in front of him or be in seclusion with him?

Q7. Can a Salafī brother lead prayers at a masjid that has not made its methodology clear to the people or is a hizbī masjid?

Q8. During times of trials and tribulations residing in the lands of non Muslims, what advice do you have for those who run the houses of Allāh?

Q9. If an individual has family members coming in town for a Kāfir holiday, can he still host them and be gracious to them?

Q10. Could you please clarify whether the jilbāb should be from head to toe or can it be from the shoulders (as you see some sisters wearing a separate khimār with a jilbāb), and is the niqāb obligatory with that?

Q11. Based upon the fatāwa of the scholars, it is impermissible for taxi drivers to take passengers to harām places like: bars, brothels, casinos etc. What is the ruling on this?

Q12. What is the ruling on picking up the customer at his house and sending him to the panel/or mechanic to pick up the car that the insurance has paid to fix?


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