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Question & Answer Session on Isssues Pertaining to 'Eid al-Adhaa & Udhiyyah with Shaykh Saalim Baamihriz

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The following were the questions posed to Shaykh Sālim Bāmiriz on Monday 21st September, 2015:  

Q1.We live in a small island and there are two masjids, one is Deobandi/Tablīghī and the other is our Salafi masjid. There are only a few families in our Salafi masjid and some of the women and children are saddened by the small festivities that we have due to small numbers. Our Shaykh, what advice can you offer us in remaining steadfast in our isolation and what should we do with our families to make it more enjoyable for them?

Q2. We live in a non-Muslim country; is it permissible to decorate the masjid and our houses with decorations and lights for ‘Eid and can we exchange gifts, even if the kuffār do these things on their days as well in this country?

Q3. If a person has a day of fasting from the month of Ramaḍān to make up, can they fast on the day of ‘Arafah with the two intentions? And would they have the reward of expiations for the past and coming year?

Q4. As it pertains to the shaving of the hair and cutting of the nails, if there is an instant where there is an outgrowing nail on one of the toes which is small but it gets caught in socks and causes a bit of discomfort; if this nail is removed by pulling it off does this action nullify anything as it relates to sacrificing and the ‘Eid?

Q5. Is there a niṣāb for uḍḥiyyah as there is for zakāh or is it just one uḍḥiyyah per house? A lot of so-called charity organisations state that if you have savings of 612g of silver or 87g of gold then you must offer a sacrifice. Can you clear this matter for us?

Q6. If one has two wives does he have to slaughter two animals?

Q7. What is the ruling on using Muslim charities to do sacrifice? For example, a charity might say a sheep costs £150 in Syria. Is this allowed? If not, what is the Sunnah?

Q8. I heard that it was from the Sunnah to not eat anything from Fajr on the Day of ‘Eid until after the ‘Eid prayer. Is this for those who are slaughtering or is it general?

Q9.  What is the ruling for a husband who wishes to send money to starving relatives in Cambodia for them to butcher the sacrifice and eat it for each child he has (i.e. for the ‘Aqīqah) and for ‘Eid al-Aḍḥā?

Q10. Does Allāh punish a wife if her husband does not do sacrifices for the birth of his children and for ‘Eid al-Aḍḥā after she has reminded and requested him to do so and he refused?

Q11. Can a wife secretly pay for the sacrifice and have the meat distributed to her neighbours on her family’s behalf without her husband’s knowledge?

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