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Seize The Last Ten Nights of Ramadhaan by Shaykh Bandar al-Khaybaree

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh Bandar al-Khaybaree الشيخ بندر الخيبري

Country of Speaker: Saudi Arabia المملكة العربية السعودية

Category:  Ramadhaan رمضان‎ 

Date: 26th May, 2019

تحميل / استماع Download / Listen [43:04 mins]

Read/Download The Abridged Transcript of This Tele-Lecture

Points Covered In This Tele- Lecture:

  • Signs of The Last Days
  • The Nature of Time
  • Allāh's Blessings To His Believing Servants
  • Allāh's Preferences In The Creation
  • Virtues of The Last 10 Nights of Ramaḍān
  • Authentic Narrations Regarding The Last 10 Days & Nights of Ramaḍān
  • Actions of The Prophet In The Last 10 Nights of Ramaḍān
  • The Virtues of Laylatul Qadr
  • The Benefits of Laylatul Qadr
  • The Encouragement For The Believer To Strive In Last 10 Nights of Ramaḍān
  • The Wisdoms Behind Why Laylatul Qadr Is A Secret of Allāh
  • Wisdoms Allāh Keeping Hidden Virtueous Times A Secret
  • Legislated Acts To Be Done On Laylatul Qadr
  • The Benefits of Seeking Allāh's Forgiveness
  • The Importance of Asking Forgiveness On The Last 10 Nights of Ramaḍān
  • The Purpose of Fasting
  • Question & Answer Session


  • Questions asked in the QA Session with corresponding answers for minute markers:
    • Q.1) Is it the sunnah to separate the tarāwīḥ in the last 10 nights between the first part and last part of the night so the jamāʿah prays some after 'Ishā' and they return right after suḥūr to pray again ? Also if a person wishes to gain the reward mentioned in the ḥadīth praying the entire night with the Imām, what should he do? [00:34:05]
    • Q.2) A couple have started a process to adopt a child but  are worried that the child would not be maḥram as the adopting mother believes she would not able to produce any breast milk. No female relatives on either side of the family can provide breast milk either. If this is the case, is there any other way for the child to be considered a maḥram to them? [00:38:59]

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