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The Biography of Imaam Muslim and How He Dealt With Fitnah by Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis

Product Description

Speaker: Abu Hakeem Bilaal Ibn Ahmad Davis

Country of Speaker: United Kingdom

Category: Seerah

Download / Listen Lecture # 02 (29.11.2018) - [111:46 mins] - The Biography of Imām Muslim and How He Dealt With Fitnah In His Time 

Points Covered In This Lecture:

  • The Biography of Imām Muslim
  • The Lineage of Imām Muslim
  • The Life of Imām Muslim
  • The History of Enslavement
  • Imām Muslim’s Pursuit of Knowledge
  • The Memory of Imām Muslim
  • The Writings of Imām Muslim
  • The Difference Between The Children of Old & The Modern Day Children
  • The Scholars of Imām Muslim
  • The Students Imām Muslim
  • Imām Muslim’s Great Precession
  • Imām Muslim’s Physical Description
  • Imām Muslim’s Seeking of Sustenance
  • The Method of Writing of Imām Muslim
  • The Method of Writing of Imām Bukhārī
  • The Difference Between Imām Muslim’s & Imām Bukhārī’s Method of Writing
  • The Different Opinions of Which Saḥīḥ Is Better
  • Advise For The Students of Knowledge
  • The Various Ways One Can Narrate From His Teacher/Shaykh
  • The Elements of The Sunnah One Can Follow
  • The Trials Imām Muslim Faced
  • Imām Muslim’s Clarification of The Truth
  • The Fundamentals of The Aqīdah Salafīyyah
  • The Importance of Following The Pious Predecessors
  • The Dangers of Innovation
  • The Reasons Why Imām Muslim Includes No Narrations In His Ṣaḥīḥ From Imām Bukhārī
  • The Good Ending of Imām Muslim

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