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The Dark History and Origins of The ʿAlawi Nusayri - Part 2 by Shaykh ʿAli al-Waseefi

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh ʿAlī al-Waṣīfī الشيخ علي الوصيفي

Country of Speaker: Egypt مصر

Category:  Manhaj منهج

Date: 18th October, 2018

Download / Listen [109:44 mins]  تحميل / استماع 

Points Covered

  • The Importance on All Muslims to Learn About The Deviant Groups
  • The Origins of The Nuṣayrī
  • The Founder of The Nuṣayrī Group
  • The Corrupted Beliefs of The Nuṣayrī
  • The Nuṣayrī Disbelief In Allāh, The Prophets & Messengers & The Hereafter
  • The Nuṣayrī Beliefs In The Universe
  • The Trickery of The Nuṣayrī To All of The People & Their Own People
  • The Fake Beliefs of The Nuṣayrī
  • The Wicked Ideologies of The NuṣayrīThe Nuṣayrī’s Enmity Towards Ahl as-Sunnah
  • The Nuṣayrī Cooperated Beliefs & Ideologies of All Innovated Groups & Religions
  • The Beliefs of The Nuṣayrī Regarding ‘Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib
  • The Ideologies of The Nuṣayrī Returning Back To Atheism
  • The Scholars Agreement of The Astray Beliefs of The Nuṣayrī
  • The Similarities of The Nuṣayrī & The Philosophers
  • The Mockery of The Nuṣayrī Towards The Prophets and Messengers
  • The Importance of Having The Correct Belief
  • The Means To Safety & Salvation In The Dunyā & ʾĀkhirah
  • Question & Answer

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