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The Dark History and Origins of The ʿAlawi Nusayri - Part 3 by Shaykh ʿAli al-Waseefi

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh ʿAlī al-Waṣīfī الشيخ علي الوصيفي

Country of Speaker: Egypt مصر

Category:  Manhaj منهج

Date: 21st October, 2018

Download / Listen [139:45 mins]  تحميل / استماع 

Points Covered

  • The History of The ʿAlawī Nuṣayrī Group
  • The Origins of The ʿAlawī Nuṣayrī Group
  • The Greatest Crimes & Oppression of The ʿAlawī Nuṣayrī
  • The Nuṣayrī Enmity Towards Islām
  • Biographies of The Heads of The Nuṣayrī Group
  • The Tricks of The Shī’a Rāfiḍah
  • The Harms of The Shī’a Rāfiḍah
  • Textual Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding The Deception of The People of Innovation
  • Explanation of The Abbasid Dynasty
  • The Dangerous Outcomes For Going Against The Qur’ān & Sunnah
  • Explanation On The Different Sects of The Misguided Groups
  • Signs of The Misguided Groups
  • The Secrets of The Misguided Groups
  • The Main Intentions of The Misguided Groups
  • The Killings of The Muslims In Makkah & Inside The Ka’bah
  • The Killing of Muslims In Makkah, Shām, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan & Lebanon
  • Explanation of The Conquering Done By The Romans To The Muslims
  • Explanation of The Crusades & The Tartarus
  • The Disgusting Actions of The Crusades & The Tartarus
  • Allāh’s Humiliation To The Shī’a Rāfiḍah
  • Reasons Why The Rāfiḍah Hate The Arabs
  • Reasons Why The Rāfiḍah Hate Ahl as-Sunnah
  • The Fall of The Ottoman In Shām
  • Explanation of The Nuṣayrī & The Disbelievers Treachery Towards The Muslims
  • The Alawites Hidden Agenda
  • The Collaboration of The Syrians & The Israelis
  • The Failure of The Khawārij
  • The Foolishness of The Khawārij

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