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The Deviation of The People of Innovation and The Residual Effects on Their Behaviour by Shaykh 'Abdullah adh-Dhafeeree

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh 'Abdullah ibn Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeree الشيخ عبد الله بن صلفيق الظفيري

Country of Speaker: Saudi Arabia المملكة العربية السعودية

Category:  'Manhaj منهج

Date: 11th Muharram (21st September) الحادي عشر من محرم 

Download / Listen [60:03 mins] تحميل / استماع

Points Covered In This Lecture:

  • Allāh’s Mercy To Mankind
  • Allāh’s Perfect Wisdom
  • Beautiful Fruits Which Results From The Remembrance of Allāh
  • The Means To Achieve Happiness In The Dunyā & ʾĀkhirah
  • Reasons For The Sending of The Prophets & Messengers
  • The Description of The Chosen Path
  • Textual Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding The Chosen Path
  • Clarification of The True Islām
  • Description of The Correct Belief
  • Description of The Saved Sect
  • Description of The Misguided Paths
  • Fruits of Having The Correct Belief
  • The Praiseworthy Characteristics of The Believers
  • Description of The Ṣaḥābah
  • Characteristics of The Ṣaḥābah
  • The Evil Consequences of Having The Incorrect Beliefs
  • Description of The Khawārij
  • The Belief of The Khawārij
  • The Reality of ISIS
  • The Belief of The Shī’ah Rāfidah
  • Description of The Shī’ah Rāfidah
  • The Deception & Lies of The Rāfidah
  • The History of Persia
  • Shaykh Abullāh ibn Ṣulfīq aẓ-Ẓafīr Advice To All Muslims & Non Muslims

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