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The Explanation of The Book of Fasting from ‘Umdatul ‘Aḥkām - Lesson 06 by Shaykh 'Arafāt al-Muḥammadī

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Speaker: Shaykh 'Arafaat al-Muhammady الشيخ د.عرفات المحمدي

Country of Speaker: Saudi Arabia المملكة العربية السعودية

Category:  Ramadhaan رمضان

Download / Listen   تحميل / استماع - Lesson 06 - 15.05.2018

  • Ḥadīth​ 197 : Abū ‘Ubaid Narrated : ‘I Witnessed When ‘Id Was Performed By ‘Umar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb ‘Umar said ‘These Are Two Days Which Allāh’s Messenger ‫ Forbade Fasting. The Day You Break Your Fast (‘Id al-Fiṭr) & The Other Day, You Eat From Which You Sacrificed (‘Id al-aḍḥā)
    • Short Biography of Abū ‘Ubaid
    • The Forbiddance of Fasting Any Fasts On Two ‘Ids
    • Allāh’s Replacement of The Days In Jāhilīyah (Days of Ignorance)
    • Textual Proof From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding The Two ‘Ids Are Days of Happiness
    • Mutual Consensus of The Past & Present Scholars Regarding The Prohibition of Fasting on The Two ‘Ids
    • Several Chains of Narrations Regarding The Forbiddance of Fasting on The Two ‘Ids
    • Wisdoms & Rulings Given By The Scholars For Not Fasting on The Two ‘Ids
  • Ḥadīth ​198 : Abū Sa’id al-Khudrī said ‘Allāh’s Messenger ‫ Forbade Fasting Two Days, Day of An-Nahr (Day of Scarified) & Day of Fiṭr (Day of Breaking Fast). And He Also Forbade A Way of Dressing. And Sitting In A Certain Way By Wearing One Type of Garment. And Also Praying After Fajr & ‘Aṣr
    •  Prohibition of Fasting The Two ‘Ids
    • Prohibition of Two Types of Dress
    • Prohibition of Praying In Two Times (After Fajr & ‘Aṣr)
    • The Khaṭīb (The One GivingThe Sermon) Should Address Legal Rulings Pertinent To The Time They Are In
    • The Story On How The Prophet ‫ Started Praying After ‘Aṣr
    • The Exception Given To The Prophet ‫ Only For Praying After ‘Aṣr & Not For His Followers
  • Ḥadīth ​198 : Abū Sa’id al-Khudrī said ‘Allāh’s Messenger ‫ said ‘Whoever Fasts One Day In The Path of Allāh Then Allāh Would Distance His Face From The HellFire 70 atoms
    • The Great Virtues of Fasting
    • Allāh Reward For The Fasting Person
    • The Meaning of Fīsabīlillāh
    • Textual Proof From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Fīsabīlillāh

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