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The Fruits of The Da'wah To Tawheed In Iraq by Shaykh Muwafaq al-Jaboory

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh Muwafaq al-Jaboory الشيخ موفق الجبوري

Country of Speaker: Iraq العراق

Category:  Manhaj المنهج

Date: 18th Jumaad al-Akhira 1440 (23rd February 2018) الثامن عشر من جمادى الآخرة

Download / Listen [62:20 mins] تحميل / استماع

Points Covered In This Lecture:

  • The Prophet’s Supplication To The People of Shām & Yemen
  • The Prophet’s Sayings About The People of ʿIrāq
  • The Clarification Regarding ʿIrāq
  • The False Accusation Made Against Shaykh al Islām Muḥammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahhāb {رحمه الله}
  • The Advise From Shaykh Rabī’ To The People of ʿIrāq
  • The Great Efforts of Shaykh Muḥammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahhāb {رحمه الله}
  • The Trials In ʿIrāq
  • The Trials Brought About By ISIS In ʿIrāq
  • The Fruits of The People of Tawḥīd In Certain Parts In ʿIrāq
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān Regarding The People of Tawḥīd
  • The Rewards For The People of Tawḥīd
  • The Fruits of Implementing Tawḥīd

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