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The Legislated Ruqyah and Its Related Rulings by Shaykh Bandar al-Khaybaree

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh Bandar al-Khaybaree الشيخ بندر الخيبري

Country of Speaker: Saudi Arabia المملكة العربية السعودية

Category:  Manhaj منهج

Date: 7th June, 2018

Download / Listen   تحميل / استماع 

[63:31 mins] - Points Covered In The Lecture:

  • The Prophets & Messengers Were Sent As A Mercy To Mankind
  • The Qur’ān Is A Healing For All Ailments
  • Tests Come In The Form of One's Heart or Body
  • Allāh Is The Only One That Cures
  • The Importance of One’s Trust In Allāh
  • The Importance of Attaching One’s Heart To Allāh Alone
  • What is Ruqyah
  • Definition of Ruqyah
  • Textual Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Ruqyah
  • Statements From The Salaf Regarding Ruqyah
  • Ruqyah Is The Best Means of Cure
  • How To Perform Ruqyah
  • The Reality of A Magician
  • The Tricks of A Magician
  • The Tricks of A Innovator
  • Conditions For The One Preforming Ruqyah & The One It’s Performed For
  • The Permissibility of Taking Payments For Ruqyah
  • Conditions For Taking Payments For Ruqyah
  • Clinics For The Purpose of Ruqyah Are Innovations
  • The Similarities Between Ruqyah & Du’ā
  • Textual Proof From The Sunnah Regarding Aiding One’s Brother
  • Some of The Salaf's Refusal To Perform Ruqyah For Others
  • Statements & Reasons From The Salaf Regarding Their Refusal For Performing Ruqyah

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