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The Six Fundamentals of Shaykh Muhammad ibn AbdulWahhab by Shaykh Khalid Dhafiree

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh Khalid ibn Dahwee adh-Dhafiree الشيخ د. خالد بن ضحوي الظفيري

Country of Speaker: Kuwait الكويت

Category: Aqeedah عقيدة

Download / Listen - 21.07.2018 - Class 01 [45:32 mins]

  • Introduction of The Author : Shaykh Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb
  • Books Authored By Shaykh Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb
  • The Bounty of Allāh by The Way of Shaykh Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb Books
  • The Importance Scholars Gave To Shaykh Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb Books
  • The Importance of Learning The Six Fundamental Principles

[Text of The Book]:The Introduction: 

In The Name of Allāh, ar-Raḥman, ar-Raḥīm. From The Most Amazing of Affairs & The Greatest of Signs That Indicate The Power of The Malik (King) and Ghallāb (Overcomer, Victor) are Six Foundations That Allāh, The Most High, Has Explained In The Most Clear Manner For The Common People (To Know & Understand) - Above & Beyond What The Suspicious Ones May Think.

Then After This, Many of The Shrewd People of The World & The Intelligent Ones Amongst Banī Ādam (The Offspring of Ādam), Except A Very Few, Erred With Respect To Them’

[Points Covered]

  • Explanation of The Introduction of ‘The Six Fundamental Principles
  • The Basmalah Being The Sunnah of Allāh & His Messenger ‫
  • Weak Narrations Regarding The Basmalah
  • Definition of The Term ‘Amazing’
  • Allāh’s Clarification of Six Simple Principles
  • Principles From Ahul al-Sunnah Regarding Allāh’s Names & Attributes
  • Definition of Uṣūl
  • The Importance of These Six Principles
  • Allāh’s Use of Simple Language For All To Understand
  • Allāh’s Greatest Signs
  • Six Principles Taken From The Qur’ān & Sunnah
  • Shaykh Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb Cultivation of The People of Sunnah With Evidences
  • Evidences In The Sharī’ah Are Clear
  • How Intelligent People May Not Understand These Six Simple Principles
  • Criticism of Being Part of The Majority
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Disapproving Being Part of The Majority
  • Reasons Why People Fail To Understand The Basics
  • Points of Benefits Taken From The Introduction of The Six Fundamental Principles
  • The Importance of Following The Way of The Salaf 

Download / Listen - 28.07.2018 - Class 02 [81:40 mins]

[Text of The Book]:The First Principle

Making The Religion Sincerely & Purely For Allāh Alone, The Most High, Without Any Partners & The Explanation of It’s Opposite Which Is Shirk (Associating Partners) With Allāh, & (The Explanation) That The Majority of The Qur’ān Is In Explanation of This Foundation, From A Variety of Different Angles, With Such Words That Even The Most Unintelligent From The Common-Folk Can Understand.

Then, When There Occurred To The Ummah What Occurred (To It), Shayṭān Presented To Them (What They Presumed To Be) ‘Ikhlās By Portraying A Picture of Belittlement of The Righteous People & Absence of The Fulfillment of Their Rights. And He Made Shirk To Appear Amongst Them In The Form of Love of The Righteous & Their Followers.

[Points Covered]

  • Explanation of The First Principle
  • Foundations of The Religion
  • Reasons Why Argumentations Happen Between The Prophets & Messengers & Their People
  • Reasons Allāh Sending The Prophets & Messengers & The Revealed Books
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Sincerity
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Following The Prophet ‫
  • Description of The Hypocrites
  • Statements From The Salaf Regarding Sincerity & Following The Sunnah
  • The Obligation of Understanding & Studying Tawḥīd & Shirk
  • Definition of Tawḥīd
  • Definition of Shirk
  • Shirk & It’s Variations
  • Major Shirk & It’s Examples
  • Minor Shirk & It’s Examples
  • Points Regarding The Dangers of Shirk
  • How Not Giving Importance To Tawḥīd Leads To Shirk
  • The Whole of Qur’ān Is Related To Tawḥīd
  • How One’s Whole Life & Day Resolves Around Tawḥīd
  • Five Issues of Tawḥīd Covered In The Qur’ān
  • Ten Points From The Qur’ān Relating To Tawḥīd
  • Iblīs Was The First To Introduce Deception
  • Shayṭān’s Deception Towards Mankind
  • Different Types of Love
  • Explanation of How Names Do Not Change The Reality
  • The Rulings of Sharī’ah Are Not Changed By Names

Download / Listen - 04.08.2018 - Class 03 [67:14 mins]

[Text of The Book]:The Second Principle

Allāh Has Commanded Unity (Al-Ijtimā’) In The Religion & Has Prohibited Separation (At-Tafarruq) Therein.

So Allāh Has Explained This Clearly & Sufficiently, [In A Manner] That The Common People Can Understand. And He, Forbade Us To Be Not Like Those Who Split & Differed (Amongst Themselves) Before Us & Were Destroyed (By This).

And He Mentioned That He Commanded The Muslims To Be United In The Religion & Forbade Them From Becoming Separated Therein.

And This Is Increased In Clarity By What Has Been Reported In The Sunnah of Amazing Affairs Pertaining To That.

Then The Matter Became (Overturned) Such That (Blameworthy) Splitting In The Foundations (Uṣūl) & Subsidiary Branches (Furū’) of The Religion Was Turned Into (The Real) Knowledge (‘ilm) & Understanding (Fiqh) of The Religion & (Such That) No one Spoke of Unity In The Religion Except (That He Was Considered) A Zindīq (Heretic) or A Majnūn (Mad Person) 

[Points Covered]

  • Explanation of The Second Principle
  • Allāh’s Command For Unity 
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Unity 
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Separation 
  • Division Is Not From The Characteristics of Islām 
  • The Qur’ān & Sunnah Is Salvation For The Follower 
  • Reasons For One’s Destruction 
  • Means To Save Oneself From Separation & Destruction
  • Means To Achieve The Correct ‘Aqīdah & Manhaj 
  • Four Categories of Unity & Division 
  • Means To Stay Upon Unity 
  • Questions & Answers 

Download / Listen - 08.09.2018 - Class 04 [65:00 mins]

[Text of The Book]: The Third Principle

Verily, From The Completion of Unity Is Hearing & Obeying The One Who Has Taken Authority Over Us, Even If It Be An Abyssinia Slave. So, Allāh Explained This With A Clear, Broad (i.e General) And Sufficient Explanation, By Way of Many Aspects of Numerous Types of Explanation, Both Legislatively (i.e In The Sharī’ah), And In Terms of (Divine) Decree (i.e In What He Willed To Occur In The Creation).

Then This Foundation Became Unknown To Many of Those Who Claim Knowledge, So How Then Could It Be Acted Upon?

[Points Covered]

  • Recap On The Previous Lessons
  • The Explanation of The Third Principle
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Obedience To The Leader
  • Statements From The Salaf With Regards To Obedience To The One In Authority
  • Proofs From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding The Forbiddance In Going Against The Muslim Leader
  • The Forbiddance In Obeying The One In Authority When He Commands A Sin
  • The Connection Between The Second & Third Principles
  • The Scholars Writings Regarding The Obedience To The Muslims Leaders
  • Obedience To The Muslim Leaders Is Secondary To Obedience To Allāh & His Messenger
  • Disobedience To The Leaders Brings About Fitnah
  • There Is No Leadership Without An Imām
  • The Evils of The People Who Call Towards Rebellion Against The Muslim Leader

Download / Listen - 15.09.2018 - Class 05 [69:08 mins]

[Text of The Book]: The Fourth Principle

An Explanation of (What Is) ‘Ilm And (Who Are) The ‘Ulamā, And (What Is) Fiqh, And (Who Are) The Fuqahā’ (Jurists). And An Explanation of The One Who Tries To Resemble Them But Is Not From Them. 

And Allāh Has Explained This Foundation At The Beginning of Sūrah al-Baqarah in His saying, ‘O Children of Israel. Remember My Favour Which I Bestowed Upon You, And Fulfil My Covenanent And I Will Fulfil Yours’’ (Sūrah al-Baqarah 2:40), Up Until His saying ‘ O Children of Israel. Remember My Favour Which I Bestowed Upon You And How I Favoured You Over All of The Worlds’ (Sūrah al- Baqarah 2:47)

And What Increases This In Clarity Is What Has Been Explained By The Sunnah Concerning This (With) Abundant, Clear And Manifest Speech (That Is Clear) For The Common Person’

Then This Affair Became The Strangest of Things, And ‘Ilm And Fiqh Were Considered To Be Innovations And Misguidance, And The Best of What Was With Them Was Truth Mixed With Falsehood. And The Actual ‘Ilm That Allāh The Most High Obligated Upon His Creation And Which He Praised, Then No One Spoke of It, Except (That He Was Considered) A Heretic or Insane Person.

And As For The One Who Rejected (This ‘Ilm) And Authored In Warning Against It, And Prohibiting It, Then He Was Considered To Be The Faqīh And ‘Ālim

[Points Covered]

  • Revision On Previous Classes
  • Explanation of The Fourth Principle
  • The Importance of Having The Correct Beneficial Knowledge
  • The Importance of Knowing The Scholars
  • Definition of Fiqh
  • Statements From The Salaf Regarding Knowledge
  • Four Types of People That Corrupt The Religion & The World
  • The Description of Those Who Clothe Themselves With Garments of Knowledge
  • The Dangers of Taking Knowledge From The People of Innovation *The Dangers of Using Unknown Websites
  • Description of The Defamers of Islām
  • The Greatest Means Towards Deviation
  • The Greatest Means To Salvation
  • The Salaf Stance Against The People of Bidah
  • The Importance of Sticking To The Scholars of The Sunnah
  • Knowledge Only To Be Taken From The People of Sunnah
  • The Prophet Warnings Against The People of Bidah
  • The Salaf Greatest Fear of Giving Religious Verdicts
  • Examples From The Salaf Restricting Themselves From Giving Religious Verdicts
  • How Knowledge Can Enter One Into The Hell Fire
  • The Importance on Seeking Knowledge For Allāh’s Sake Only
  • The Importance on Seeking Knowledge From The People of Sunnah
  • The Dangers of Blind Following

Download / Listen - 22.09.2018 - Class 06 [46:45 mins]

[Text of The Book]: Fifth Principle

Allāh, The Sublime’s Explanation of (Who Are) The ‘Awliyā’ of Allāh, And His Separating Between Them And Between Those Who Try To Resemble Them Amongst The Enemies of Allāh, The Munāfiqīn and the Fujjār (Hypocrites and Sinners). And In This Regard, The Verse in Sūrah Āli Imrān Is Sufficient, And His Saying, “Say If You Truly Love Allāh, Then Follow Me, Allāh Will Then Love You” (Āli Imrān 3:31), And Also The Verse In Sūrah al-Mā’idah, And It Is His Saying, “O You Who Believe, Whoever Amongst You Turns His Back On His Dīn, Then Soon Will Allāh Bring Another People Whom He Loves And They Will Love Him” (Al-Mā’idah 5:54), To The End of The Verse. And Also The Verse in Yūnus, And It Is His Saying, “Verily, The (Pious) Friends of Allāh, They Do Not Fear, Nor Do They Grieve, Those Who Believed And Used To Have Taqwá” (Yūnus 10:62).

But Then The Affair, To Most of Those Who Claimed Knowledge And Who Claimed To Be Guides For The Creation And Protectors of The Legislation, Became Such That They Considered It Necessary For The ‘Awliyā’ To Abandon Following The Messengers, And That Whoever Followed Them, Was Not From Them, And That It Was Necessary To Leave Jihād And That The One Who Made Jihād Is Not Amongst Them, And That It Is Necessary To Leave off Īmān and Taqwá, And That Whoever Adopted Īmān and Taqwá Is Not Amongst Them (the ‘Awliyā).

O Our Lord, We ask You For Forgiveness And Pardon, Verily You Are The Hearer of Supplication.

[Points Covered]

  • Explanation of The Fifth Principle
  • Definition of ‘Awliyā’ (Allies)
  • The Difference Between ‘Awliyā’ of Allāh & ‘Awliyā’ of Shayṭān
  • The Characteristics of The ‘Awliyā’ of Allāh
  • The Characteristics of The ‘Awliyā’ of Shayṭān
  • The Deception Used By The ‘Awliyā’ of Shayṭān
  • The People of Sunnah Beliefs Regarding The ‘Awliyā of Allāh
  • Ahl as-Sunnah Belief Regarding Miracles & Signs From Allāh
  • Explanation of Āyah 31, Sūrah Āli Imrān (Āyah of Test)
  • Explanation of Āyah 54, Sūrah Al-Mā’idah
  • Explanation of Āyah 62, Sūrah Yūnus
  • How To Gain The Love of Allāh
  • Allāh’s Attribute of Love
  • How To Follow The Prophet
  • Explanation of Those Furthest Away From The Religion
  • Definition of Taqwá
  • The Best of The ‘Awliyā’ of Allāh
  • The False Belief of The Misguided Groups Regarding The ‘Awliyā’ of Allāh
  • The Misunderstandings of The Misguided Groups Regarding The ‘Awliyā’ of Allāh
  • How To Get Closer To Allāh
  • The Sharī’ah Applies To All Individuals

Download / Listen - 29.09.2018 - Class 07 [43:06 mins]

[Text of The Book]: The Sixth Principle

Refuting The Doubt That Shayṭān Has Placed Concerning The Abandonment of The Qur’ān And The Sunnah And [instead] Following The Scattered And Divergent Opinions And Desires. Which Is That The Qur’ān And The Sunnah Are Not Known Except To a Mujtahid Muṭlaq (Absolutely Qualified Jurist), And That The Mujtahid Is Described With Such And Such (Quality or Requirement), With Such Descriptions That Are Not Even Perhaps Found Completely With Abū Bakr or ‘Umar. And That If A Person Is Not Like This (With These Qualities), Then He Should Turn Away From Them (The Qur’ān And The Sunnah) By Certain Obligation, In Which There Is No Doubt or difficulty.

And That Whoever Sought Guidance From Them (The Qur’ān And The Sunnah), Then He Is Either a Zindīq (Heretic) or A Mad Person, Due To The Difficulty In Understanding Them Both.

So Glorified Is Allāh, And By His praise, How Much Has Allāh Explained, Both Legislatively (In The Sharī’ah ), And By Way of [Divine] Decree, And Also [By Way of His] Creative Ability And [His Legislative] Command, In Refuting This Cursed Doubt, From A Variety of Different Angels That Have Became General Necessities (In Knowledge). But Most of Mankind Do Not Know, “Indeed The Word (of Punishment) Has Proved True Against Most of Them, So They Will Not Believe. Verily! We Have Put On Their Necks Iron Collars Reaching To Chins, So That Their Heads Are Forced Up. And We Have Put A Barrier Before Them, And A Barrier Behind Them, And We Have Covered Them Up, So That They Cannot See. It Is The Same To Them Whether You Warn Them or You Warn Them Not, They Will Not Believe. You Can Only Warn Him Who Follows The Reminder (The Qur’ān), And Fears The Most Beneficent (Allâh) Unseen. Bear You To Such One The Glad Tidings of Forgiveness, And a Generous Reward (i.e. Paradise).” (Ya-Sin 36:7-11 )

And The Finality of It Is That All Praise Is Due To Allāh, The Lord of The Worlds And Prayers And Many Salutations Be Upon Our Chief, Muḥammad, His Family And His Companions, Until The Day of Judgement.

[Points Covered]

  • Explanation of The Sixth Principle
  • Doubts Shayṭān Throws To The People
  • Explanation That The Qur’ān Can Be Understood By All
  • Textual Proofs That The Qur’ān Can Be Understood By All
  • The Similarities Between The Mujtahid Muṭlaq & The Christians & Jews
  • Reasons Why The Mujtahid Muṭlaq Want To Be The Referring Point
  • Refutation Against The Mujtahid Muṭlaq
  • Allāh’s Command To Follow The Qur’ān
  • The Belief of The People of Sunnah Regarding The Scholars
  • The PraiseWorthy Characteristics of The Scholars Mentioned In Qur’ān & Sunnah
  • Points of Refutation Against The Deviant Groups
  • Explanation of The Āyāts 7-11 From Sūrah Yasin
  • Allāh’s Division of The People Into Two Categories

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