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The Six Principles of Imaam Muhammad Ibn 'Abdul Wahhaab read by Abul-'Abbaas Moosaa Richardson

Product Description

Speaker: Abul-'Abbaas Moosaa Richardson 

Country of Speaker: United States

Category: 'Aqeedah

Class #01 - 31.12.14 - Explanation of the First Principle: Making The Deen Sincerely & Purely For Allah, The Most High Alone Without Any Partners & The Clarification of Its Opposite, Which is Shirk with Allah Download / Listen

Class #02 - 01.01.15 - Explanation of the Second Principle: Allah Has Commanded Unity in The Religion & Has Prohibited Separation Therein - Download / Listen

Class #03 - 02.01.15 - Explanation of the Third Principle: From The Completion of Unity is Hearing & Obeying The One Who Has Been Placed in Authority Over Us, Even If He Was an Abyssinian Slave - Download / Listen

Class #04 - 03.01.15 - Explanation of the Fourth Principle: (What Is) 'Ilm & (Who Are)  The 'Ulamaa`, (What Is) Fiqh & (Who Are) The Fuqahaa` & An Explanation of The One Who Tries To Resemble Them But Is Not From Them - Download / Listen

Class #05 - 04.01.15 - Explanation of the Fifth Principle: Allah, The Sublime's Explanation of (Who Are) The Awliyaa` of Allah & His Separating Between Them & Between Those Who Try Resemble Them Amongst The Enemies of Allah, The Munaafiqeen & The Fujjaar - Download / Listen

Class #06 - 04.01.15 - Explanation of the Sixth Principle: Refuting The Doubt That Shaytaan Has Placed Concerning The Abandonment of The Qur'aan & The Sunnah & (Instead) Following the Scattered & Divergent Opinions & Desires - Download / Listen 



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