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The Story of Ismaa'eel by Dr. 'Abdulillah Lahmami

Product Description

Speaker: 'Abdulillah Lahmami

Country of Speaker: United Kingdom

Category:  'Aqeedah العقيدة

Date: 3rd Rabi' al-Awwal (11th November) 

Download / Listen [34:59 mins] 

Points Covered In This Lecture:

  • The Story of Prophet Ismā’īl (عليه السلام)
  • The Story of Prophet Ibrahīm & Sārah
  • The Marriage of Prophet Ibrahīm & Hājar
  • The Birth, Life & Marriages of Prophet Ismā’īl (عليه السلام)
  • The Jealousy of Sārah
  • The Journey of Prophet Ibrahīm, Hājar & Ismā’īl To Makkah
  • The Supplications of Prophet Ibrahīm Before He Left Hājar & Ismā’īl In Makkah
  • The Benefits of Striving & Never Giving Up
  • Hājar’s Complete Trust & Reliance In Allāh
  • Allāh’s Promise After Hardship Comes Ease
  • Hājar’s Happiness
  • Hājar’s Perseverance of The Well of Zamzam
  • The Importance of Good Character
  • Hājar’s Death
  • The Reunion of Prophet Ibrahīm & His Son Ismā’īl
  • The Buliding of The Ka’bah By Prophet Ibrahīm & Prophet Ismā’īl
  • The Supplications of Prophet Ibrahīm & Prophet Ismā’īl
  • Allāh’s Test To Prophet Ibrahīm
  • Prophet Ibrahīm Sacrifice of Ismā’īl

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