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The Story of Prophet Yusuf by Shaykh Dr. 'Arafaat al-Muhammady

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh 'Abdullah ibn Sulfeeq adh-Dhafeeree الشيخ د.عرفات ابن حسن المحمدي

Country of Speaker: Saudi Arabia المملكة العربية السعودية

Category:  'Aqeedah العقيدة

Date: 3rd Rabi' al-Awwal (11th November) الثالث من ربيع الأوال 1440

Download / Listen [66:42 mins] تحميل / استماع

Points Covered In This Lecture:

  • The Story of Prophet Yūsuf (عليه السلام)
  • Narrations From Sunnah Regarding The Lineage of Yūsuf (عليه السلام)
  • The Honourable Lineage of Yūsuf (عليه السلام)
  • The Best Stories Narrated In The Qur’ān
  • Reasons For The Narrations of Stories In The Qur’ān
  • The Effect of Sūrah Yūsuf Upon The Muslims
  • Yūsuf’s Dream
  • Reasons Why Prophet Ya’qūb Prevented Yūsuf From Narrating His Dream To His Brothers
  • The Great Status of Yūsuf
  • Explanation of Ya’qūb’s Love For Yūsuf Over His Other Sons
  • Ya’qūb’s Sons Plot To Get Rid of Their Brother Yūsuf (عليه السلام)
  • The Trickery of Ya’qūb’s Sons To Their Father Ya’qūb
  • Ya’qūb’s Beautiful Patience
  • Yūsuf’s Upbringing
  • The Trials Faced By Yūsuf (عليه السلام)
  • The Story of The Minster’s Wife & Yūsuf
  • Yūsuf’s Demonstration of Patience
  • Allāh’s Protection of Yūsuf
  • Allāh’s Blessings To Certain People
  • Yūsuf’s Upmost Fear of Allāh

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