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Weekly Online Class with Shaykh Badr al-'Anazy - Explanation of The Prophet's Prayer Described of Shaykh Bin Baaz

Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh Badr ibn Muhammad al-Badr al-'Anazy

Country of Speaker: Saudi Arabia

Category: Ibaadah

Class 01 - 03.01.16 Introduction of Shaykh Bin Baaz, Wudhu, Tayammum, Facing The Qibla, Having Intention, Taking A Sutrah, Making The Opening Takbeer, Placing The Right Hand/Arm Over The Left, Making The Opening Dua, Seeking Refuge with Allah From shaytaan, Saying The Basmallah, Reciting Surat-al-Faatihah, Saying Aameen, Reciting From The Qur'aan What Is Easy And/Or Listening To The Imaam, Raising The Hands To Go Into Ruku, What To Say In Ruku - Download/ Listen

Class 02 - 10.01.16 - Raising The Hands After Rising From Ruku, What To Say After Rising From Ruku, Where To Place The Hands After Rising From Ruku, Making Sujood, The Manner of Making Sujood, Making Sujood on The Seven Body Parts, What To Say In Sujood, The Virtue of Dua' In Sujood, Rising From The First Sujood, Sitting Between The Two Sujoods, The Sitting of Rest After The Second Sujood and Before Standing Up, Using The Hands To Stand From The Sitting of Rest, Saying Bismillah and Seeking Refuge With Allah From shaytaan at The Beginning of The Second Rakah - Download/ Listen  

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